Incodin Technologies is a partnership firm specializing in website design, maintenance and hosting. We design high-quality custom websites with the latest design practices with security and stability in mind at all time. We maintain websites, taking good care of them for speed, stability and security. We also have owr own web hosting solutions to host our client’s websites even faster.

Services we offer

Web Design

Incodin technologies provide professional web design services. We uniquely design websites to set you apart from your competition. No matter what type of website it is, personal, business or even if you’re planning to sell online, we do it all.

Website Maintenance

Getting your website designed is the first step. Your website also needs to be maintained. Wheather it’s to updating the website to strengthen security and optimizing speed or taking regular backups, we’ve got your back.

Web Hosting

We don’t just design and maintain your website, we also host them on our powerful servers. There is no point in having a well-optimized website in a slow host, causing a poor experience for your customers.

The Team

Pavak Paul


Pavak expertises in Web design, development, system administration and other various IT skills. He does most of the web design, some system administration from time to time and all the other things to help the firm going.

Sagnik Sasmal

System Administrator

Sagnik is in charge of deploying and configuring the high-speed servers where we host your websites. He also makes sure that all the servers are running smoothly, the software and security are up to date, the backups are in place and more!